We Gave a Record Amount to Charity Last Year

Did you give to charity last year?  Nice... you were part of a record!

The Giving Institute just released their annual study on how much people gave to charity last year.  And it was UP almost 3%.

Americans donated just over $390 BILLION in 2016.  And that's an all-time record.

72% of it came from individual donations.  The other 28% came from foundations, estates, and corporations.

$123 billion went to churches and religious groups . . . another $60 billion went toward education . . . and $47 billion went to charities that deal with "human services."  That includes things like food banks, homeless shelters, and youth groups.

Another $33 billion went to healthcare groups.  Over $18 billion went to the arts, up more than 6% from 2015.  And $11 billion went to animal rights or environmental groups, up about 7%.

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