Could a Drone Save Your Life If You Have a Heart Attack?

Researchers in Sweden recently came up with a pretty brilliant idea.  What if paramedics and fire departments started using drones to get DEFIBRILLATORS to heart attack victims?

AED machines are easy to use, and seriously increase survival rates.  But you have to use them right after the person collapses.  Your chances of surviving drop about 10% every minute.  And after 10 minutes, it's usually too late.

The researchers looked at 18 different calls that came in for heart attacks between 2006 and 2014.  The average time it took for paramedics to get to each one was about 22 minutes.

Then they simulated the exact same conditions, but had a drone with an AED machine FLY to where the victim was at about 50 miles an hour.  And they got to each location about 16 MINUTES faster than paramedics could.

They're hoping to start using them in Sweden in the next two years or so.  No word yet on when we might see them here. 

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