There's A New Dating App

A new study out yesterday found that having too many options when you're dating online can actually be a BAD thing.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin had people look through profiles and choose someone to go on a date with.  One group had 24 different options.  The other group only had six.  And the people with more options were more likely to REGRET their pick one week later.

The researchers think it's because of "FOMO," or the "fear of missing out."  When you have a ton of options on an app like Tinder, it's harder to settle on one person, because you can't stop wondering if all those other options were better.

Which is why THIS might be worth a shot.  There's a new dating app called "First" that cuts out all the swiping . . . doesn't HAVE a messaging option . . . and just immediately sends you out on DATES with people.  You can check it out at

You pick the type of date you want to go on, like drinks or the movies.  You decide who's paying, or you can split it.  And you post a specific time and place to meet up.

Then other people can accept your date, and YOU get to choose who to meet up with.  So you probably won't end up with a massive list of people, just a few.

The guy who came up with it says he was sick of texting girls for a week before they actually got to meet up for a date in person.  The app launched nationwide yesterday, and it's only on iPhones so far.  So there might not be a ton of users yet. 

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