The Reason A Wisconsin Cop Didn't Give Out a Ticket

I'll be honest, whenever I hear about a Wisconsin cop getting national news I get a little nervous, but this is good...

Someone in Wausau, Wisconsin left their car in a metered parking spot last Wednesday.  And a cop named Jim Hellrood was about to give them a ticket the next morning when he saw a note on their windshield.

It said, "Please take pity on me.  I walked home . . . safe choices."  So obviously they'd been drinking and didn't want to drive.

Now a photo of the note is going around Facebook because Jim decided NOT to give them a ticket.

He printed out a "warning ticket" instead.  And in the notes section, he wrote, "Pity granted."

The police department posted the note and the ticket online.  They said Jim appreciated the person's honesty, and the fact that they didn't drive drunk.

It only would have been a $5 fine anyway, which is NOTHING compared to parking tickets in most cities.  But he didn't even want to fine them five bucks. 

CLICK HERE to see the note and warning ticket!

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