The Best Time to Take a Selfie Relies on This

You can't escape selfies. Anywhere you go, you'll see someone turning their camera around, someone trying to photobomb or a group of friends just trying to get the perfect picture.

I'm not sure that there is a thing as a professional selfie taker, but there IS such a thing as a professional photographer. And according to (this) article in Readers Digest and professional photographer, Michael Wesley, "Lighting is everything." So, take your outdoor selfies during the day, but give your lens a rest around the brightest time of day... like noon. Also, don't take selfies around 4PM. Not because of the sun, but during the afternoon "slump," your eyes are kind of dragged and have shadows.

If you want a "healthy" looking selfie, we look our best around 10AM because we're awake and ready to go during the day. 

Now, you can argue with your friends...Taking selfies IS a science.

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