A Guy Dives in Through the Window of a Runaway Car

A car started drifting into oncoming traffic near an intersection in Dixon, Illinois last Friday.  (About 100 miles west of Chicago.)

It turned out the driver was having a seizure.  And two cops pulled up behind him after they saw him drift through a red light.

But before they could do anything, a 39-year-old guy named Randy Tompkins jumped out of his truck . . . saw the guy's passenger's side window was open . . . and dove through it HEADFIRST while the car was still rolling.

He hit the brakes and put in park.  And the cop car's dash-cam got it on video.  (Here's the footage.)

He ended up waiting with the guy until paramedics showed up.  Luckily the guy's okay.

Randy told the local news he knew people's lives were in danger.  So his adrenaline was going, and he didn't really think.  He just reacted.

He also admitted that driving through the window felt like something out of "The Dukes of Hazzard"

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