Over $1.3 Million Has Been Raised for the Victims

It's been one week since the knife attack in Portland, Oregon that left two people dead.

A 35-year-old named Jeremy Christian was harassing two black teenage girls on a commuter train.  One was wearing a Muslim headscarf.

He stabbed three guys who stepped in to help.  Two died, and obviously the whole thing is really tragic.  But now at least the victims' FAMILIES are getting some help, because three different crowd-funding campaigns have been raising money for them.

One for the guy who survived is up over $260,000.  Another one was up around $549,000 last we checked.  And two Muslim groups have raised another $551,000.  So all totaled, that's more than $1.3 MILLION.

Some of the money is being used for medical bills and funeral expenses.  But there should be a lot left over.

One of the guys who died was a 53-year-old Army vet named John Best who had four kids.  So some of the money might go to set up college funds.

None of the fundraisers have ended yet, so you can still donate.  Just search for "Tri Met Heroes" or "Tri Met Hero Recovery" on GoFundMe.com.  Or "Muslims Unite for Portland Heroes" on LaunchGood.com

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