How Companies Have SLASHED Their Summer Perks

Have the perks at your work decreased over time?

Back in 2012, a survey asked people if their company offered them any summer perks, like a more relaxed dress code or leaving a little early on Fridays.  The same survey asked people those questions again this year.

And it's SHOCKING how much things have changed in just five years . . .

1.  75% of people had the opportunity for a more flexible summer work schedule in 2012.  Now it's down to 62%.

2.  57% of companies eased up their dress code in the summer of 2012.  Now that's almost been cut in half, to 29%.

3.  And 63% of companies would let people leave a little early on Fridays in 2012.  Now that's PLUMMETED to 20%. 

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