Family Finds Their Missing Cat In Burned Down House

Two months ago, a woman named Christine Marr and her family in South Haven, Michigan lost their house in a fire.

They were all okay, and firefighters saved their pet dog, but their pet cat didn't make it out.

Well . . . on Sunday, they made their first trip back to their old house to check out the rubble.  They brought their dog, and she started acting strange and digging and scratching at a spot in the floor.

And when the family checked out that spot, they could hear a faint MEOWING sound coming from under it.

So they pulled apart the boards . . . and they found their CAT in a little hole.  Somehow she'd survived under there for two months without food or water.

They took her to an animal hospital, where the vets say she's very skinny but miraculously doing well. 

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