A Guy Payed Off All of Seattle's School Lunch Debt

A guy in Seattle named Jeffery Lew has a son in the third grade, and recently found out about the whole school lunch DEBT thing.

That's where kids don't get a hot lunch if their parents can't afford to put money in their account.  Apparently Seattle has a pretty good program to make sure kids don't go hungry, but they still sometimes get bullied because of it.

Jeffery called his son's school to find out how much parents owed.  The whole school only had $97 in outstanding balances, which wasn't much.

So then he decided to think bigger and try to pay off the school lunch debts at ALL of Seattle's public schools.  It turned out to be just under $21,000.

He started a GoFundMe page last Tuesday.  And exactly one week later, he's already raised enough money to cover ALL OF IT.

As of last night, it was up to about 23 grand.  We don't know any details yet, but he's planning to use all the extra money for another school lunch idea he has.

If you want to help out, just search for "Erase Seattle School Lunch Debt" on GoFundMe.com. 

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