How Far Ahead of Time Should You Buy Plane Tickets?

Are you going on a trip anytime soon?

A new study looked at destinations all over the world, and figured out how far in advance to buy your tickets to get the best price.  

Here are eight places you might want to go, and when to book . . .

1.  Anywhere in the U.S. . . . 54 days in advance.  That's the average.

2.  Canada, 59 days in advance.  So about two months.

3.  Mexico and Central America, 61 days.

4.  The Caribbean, 76 days.

5.  Europe, 99 days.  So just over three months before you want to fly.

6.  South America, 81 days.

7.  Asia and the South Pacific, 90 days.

8.  The Middle East and Africa, 119 days.  So about four months ahead of time. 

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