Watch Mom Meet Her 52-Year-Old Daughter for the First Time

This is pretty amazing, especially right before Mother's Day . . .

A woman in Austin, Texas named Donna Pavey met her 52-year-old daughter Sharon for the first time last week.  And the video is INTENSE, but in the best way possible.

Donna was pretty young when she had Sharon, and her parents made her give her up for adoption.  She tried to track her but couldn't, and even went back to using her maiden name so Sharon could find HER if she wanted to.  And it worked.

Sharon's adoptive parents passed away recently, and she started researching her family history.  She only found out she was adopted TWO DAYS before she and Donna reunited last week.  She ended up finding her on Facebook.

The video is great because Donna starts crying when she sees her truck pull up.  Then Sharon SPRINTS across the front yard to hug her, and immediately starts talking about how they look alike and have the same eyes.  (It happens at 1:32 here.)

Donna has two other adult daughters, and they were both there for it.  Sharon says she's gone her whole life wondering why she didn't look like anyone in her family, and she always felt like she didn't belong.  But now she does. 

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