A High School Senior's Prom Gift To His Mom

Don't forget this Sunday is Mother's Day!  

I don't know what you've got planned for YOUR mom, but I doubt it'll beat THIS . . .

A high school senior in Charlotte named Rayquan Howard went to his prom on Saturday . . . and insisted on bringing his MOM as his date.

Her name is Shontelle.  She didn't get to go to her prom because she was pregnant at the time.  And she's always told her sons they HAD to go to theirs.

When he asked her to be his date, she actually said NO because she wanted him to go with someone his own age.  But he threatened to SKIP it if she didn't come.  So then she had to, but she seemed pretty thrilled about it on prom night.

Rayquan told the local news that he'd been planning to ask her for a while.  And making sure she finally got to go to prom was really important to him.

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