How A Girl Survived an Alligator Attack

A 10-year-old girl was swimming in a lake near Orlando on Saturday when she got attacked by an ALLIGATOR.

The alligator that attacked her was about nine feet long, and latched onto her left thigh.  But luckily, she recently went to a wildlife park in Orlando called Gatorland, and learned what to do if you're ever attacked by one.

Most people would probably assume that poking it in the EYE would be your only chance.  But she learned that's NOT actually right.

Instead she punched it in the NOSE, which is what you're supposed to do.  That stunned it for a few seconds . . . and she was able to use her hands to pry its JAWS open and escape.

She ended up with some puncture wounds on her leg, but it looks like she'll be fine.  Wildlife officials caught the alligator.  Unfortunately it has to be euthanized.

Two experts from Gatorland posted a Facebook video on Monday, and said she did exactly what you're supposed to do if you ever get attacked. 

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