Someone Returned a Guy's Wallet 13 Years

A 46-year-old firefighter in Tacoma, Washington named Dean McAuley got something in the mail last month that he wasn't expecting . . .

His wife Stacy called him at work after she opened a package that came for him . . . and it was an old wallet he lost 13 YEARS ago.

He says it's been so long that he doesn't actually remember losing it anymore.  But it still had his license, all of his credit cards, and $11 in cash inside.

Whoever found it didn't write their name.  But they included a note with "March 29th, 2017" written at the top.

They said they found it years ago outside a Mexican restaurant and made "several attempts" to get it back to him.  But they couldn't find his new address, and then they forgot about it.

They didn't turn it in, because they didn't think the cops would actually try to track Dean down.  Then they recently found the wallet in a desk . . . managed to find his address online . . . and put it in the mail.

Dean says he'd love to track them down to say thanks.  And it was a great example for his 4-year-old son about doing the right thing, and always trying to look out for other people.

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