Are These the Five Best Places to Eat at the Mall? ranked the best places at shopping mall food courts . . .

Here are their top five!

5.  Cinnabon.  No argument on that one.

4.  Dippin' Dots.

3.  Sbarro.  Their argument for that one is you can order anything and it's all delicious.  The counterargument would be . . . no it's not.

2.  Auntie Anne's Pretzels.  Wetzel's Pretzels didn't make the list.

1.  Panda Express.  They were only in malls at first.  They opened their first stand-alone restaurant in 1997.  Now only 2% of their restaurants are in food courts.

A few more that made the top ten are Orange Julius at #6 . . . the teriyaki place Sarku Japan at #7 . . . and Great American Cookies at #9.

A few that probably COULD have made the list are Chick-fil-A, which started out as a food court restaurant . . . things like Subway and McDonald's, because they're at so many malls . . . and Chipotle, which still has a lot of food court locations.

One more is Hot Dog on a Stick, which at least deserved an honorable mention just for those stupid hats the employees have to wear. 

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