Students Buy Their Teacher Once In A Lifetime Gift

Matt Alzamora is a history teacher at a high school in Worchester, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.  And here's how much his students love him . . .

Earlier this year they found out he's colorblind.  He mentioned his daughter had told him how pretty a sunset was, and he wished he could have seen it.

So a bunch of students recently pooled their money to buy him a pair of Enchroma glasses.  They've been around a few years, and help people with certain types of colorblindness see color for the first time.

They ended up with $528.  So many students chipped in that they actually had too MUCH.  So they also had a big sign made that said, "You make OUR lives more colorful."

They surprised him with the glasses during a staff meeting on Monday, and he saw a HUGE difference as soon as he put them on.  He said everything was a lot more vivid.

But here's the best part.  He's taking a bunch of students on a trip to Paris this summer, and they're going to the Louvre.  He's been there before but he's excited, because he'll get to see all the art in COLOR for the first time. 

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