Good Samaritans Saved a Family in Texas

Sadly several people died after at least four tornados ripped through East Texas on Saturday.  But the death toll would have been even higher if these people hadn't stepped in . . .

A guy and his two young kids were in their truck when it flipped and landed in floodwaters near Canton, Texas, about 50 miles east of Dallas.  One of them was a two-year-old, and the other kid was even younger.  Maybe one.

He couldn't open the doors, because the water was moving too fast.  So they were trapped.  But seven or eight people jumped in, and THEY managed to get them all out.

A guy named Tom Mitchell didn't think he'd be able to stand up in the current, so he started filming it with his phone.  The video is pretty intense.

The one-year-old wasn't breathing when they got her out.  So Tom left his camera running, but stopped filming to do CPR.  And after a few minutes it WORKED.

You can hear a woman in the video praying the whole time.  Then he tells her the baby's breathing again. 

The dad posted on social media the next day and said the two-year-old is fine.  The one-year-old still had a breathing tube in, but she was in stable condition and doing better. 

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