The Ten Worst Jobs In America

What's the worst job you ever had? released its annual list of the worst jobs in America.  

And newspaper reporter is #1 for the fourth year in a row.  That isn't a statement on the LAME-STREAM media.  The whole industry is just in trouble right now.

My job also made the list again, so lets see if yours did to.

Here's the full list . . .

10.  Taxi driver. 

9.  Retail sales.

8.  Firefighter.

7.  Ad sales.

6.  Disc jockey . . . I promise you do NOT envy our schedule.  Also, the correct term is "radio personality."  Thank you.

5.  Pest control worker.

4.  Enlisted military personnel, mostly because of how dangerous it is.

3.  Logger.

2.  TV broadcaster.

1.  Newspaper reporter.

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