Four Ways to Beat Jet Lag!

Someone asked a bunch of flight attendants for their best tricks for beating jet lag.  

Here are the top four things they say help the most . . .

1.  Stay awake until a normal bedtime, and don't sleep in the next day.  That's probably the most important one.  You'll adjust to the new time zone faster if you get on schedule that first night.  And if you HAVE to take a nap, make sure it's less than an hour.

2.  Put your feet up as soon as possible.  All that sitting on the plane can make your legs and feet swell up.  So you end up feeling even more tired than you really are.

If you're at a hotel, lie on the bed and put your feet on top of the headboard for five to ten minutes.  Or if you're on a layover, prop them up on your carry-on.

3.  Load up on carbs.  Keeping your insulin levels up can help your body adjust to a new schedule.  So if you're on a diet, think about making your travel day a CHEAT day.

4.  Get some exercise, or at least some fresh air.  Even just a walk around the block can help you sleep better and adjust to a new time zone faster.

And the air pressure on planes is like standing on a mountain 7,000 feet above sea level.  Your body has a harder time absorbing oxygen in those conditions.  So that's why some fresh air can also help you recover. 

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