Five Surprising Things About Online Dating

Are you single and trying to do some online dating?

With apps like Tinder, the general consensus is you get a lot more dates if you're really good-looking.  But a new survey found that looks are only the THIRD most important thing for online daters.  

Here are five stats from the survey . . .

1.  The top thing people care about is your AGE.  So even if you're the sexiest 70-year-old woman on Earth, you probably won't get much love from guys in their twenties.  You cougar, you.  The second most important factor is education, and THEN it's your looks.

2.  Online daters are less likely to use a lame pick-up line to hit on someone.  They're also three times less likely to open with a comment about the weather. 

3.  Tinder users are MORE likely to practice safe sex.  70% said they almost always use protection compared to 63% of single people who don't date online.

4.  Online daters have been in more committed relationships.  74% said they've had at least two.  That's compared to 49% of people who don't use online dating sites.

5.  Online daters say "I love you" earlier.  But it's close.  35% said they've said it in the first three months compared to 30% of people who don't date online.  And overall, men are 7% MORE likely to have said it than women. 

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