A McDonald's Employee Helped End the Manhunt

The nationwide manhunt for the guy who murdered an innocent, random victim and streamed it on Facebook on Sunday is over . . . and it's all thanks to a McDonald's employee!  

The killer, who we won't name because he doesn't deserve any recognition, apparently had made his way east from Cleveland, Ohio to Erie, Pennsylvania. 

And yesterday around 11:00 A.M., he went to a McDonald's drive-thru and ordered a 20-piece McNuggets and fries.

Thankfully, the employee working the drive-thru recognized him.  So he stalled by saying his fries weren't ready while some other employees called the cops.

He drove off JUST as the Pennsylvania state troopers arrived.  And after a two-mile chase, they managed to hit him and pop his tires.

As the cops swarmed the car, he shot and killed himself.

There's no word on whether the McDonald's employee might be eligible for the $50,000 reward that was being offered for info on his whereabouts. 

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