Now This Is A Great Airline Customer Service!

This is exactly the kind of GOOD press United Airlines could use this week.  Unfortunately, they have nothing to do with the story . . .

A 26-year-old guy named Christofer Hatcu works as a customer service manager for American Airlines in Charlotte. 

And he was working back in January when an older guy COLLAPSED and went into cardiac arrest.

But luckily, Chris was trained as a firefighter before he started working for American.  So he did CPR until paramedics showed up, and ended up saving the guy's life.

Here's where it gets crazy.  

A few minutes after that, the paramedics told him ANOTHER person had just had a heart attack about ten gates down.  So Chris ran to their gate . . . did CPR again . . . and saved their life TOO.

Paul Gonnelli was the first guy he saved.  He nominated Chris for something called the Real American Hero Award, and he got it this week along with $1,000.

The paramedics say neither of the people would have survived if Chris hadn't jumped in to help. 

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