"Cosmo" Is Getting Roasted For New Diet Plan

On a normal week, people would be DESTROYING "Cosmopolitan" over this.  But this is no normal week.  Between Pepsi, United, and SEAN SPICER, it took like three days before anyone even noticed.

On Monday, "Cosmo" tweeted out a link to an article with the clickbait headline, quote, "How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without ANY Exercise."

Wanna know how she did it?  Turns out it was CANCER!

Yes, "Cosmo" just pushed CANCER as an exercise-free way to drop some extra pounds before summer.

The people who weren't too overwhelmed with all of the other PR disasters this week to notice promptly started roasting "Cosmo" on Twitter.

Now, the article DOES talk about how the woman started eating healthier after her surgeries and it helped her lose some weight she'd gained from eating when she was depressed over her disease.

But that version of the article has only been up since people complained . . . and "Cosmo" tweaked the story to focus on her diet plan and reduce the connection between her cancer treatments and weight loss. 

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