A Couples Generosity To Their Waitress

A 21-year-old from California named Cayla Chandara has been waiting tables at two restaurants in Honolulu.  And she got the best tip of her life last week . . .

She waited on a couple from Australia who looked like they were in their 40s.  Their bill was $205, and they left her an extra 400 BUCKS as a tip.  But it gets better.

They'd mentioned where they were staying.  So after her shift, Cayla went to their hotel and brought them a thank-you card and flowers.  And it paid off big time.

Apparently the couple is pretty well off.  And she'd mentioned that she was waiting tables to pay off debt, so she could go back to school.  She went to a junior college after high school but wants to study business and get her degree.

So they came back to the restaurant the next day, and said they also wanted to pay off her STUDENT LOANS.  She has about $10,000 in loans and other debt.  They're covering all of it.  And they also want to pay for the REST of her college education.

Cayla says they want to remain anonymous, but told her that the best way to thank them is to work hard and be the best person she can be.  So now she's planning to go to the University of Hawaii, and her main goal is to just make them proud.

And THAT is why you always send a thank-you note. 

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