The Reason A Guy Got a Free Vacation

A group of ten people in southwest England recently planned a trip to Spain for their friend's 30th birthday.  But after they'd already booked their plane tickets, one of them couldn't go.

His name was Joe McGrath, and they couldn't get a refund on his trip.  So they decided to see if anyone ELSE named Joe McGrath wanted to go.

They sent messages to 15 different Joe McGraths on Facebook, and told them what was going on.

The only one who responded was a 26-year-old guy named Joe McGrath who works for a drive-time radio show in northern England.  And he thought it was a joke at first.

But then his boss said he could take time off if he wanted to go. So he drove three hours to meet up with them and found out it was LEGIT.

He ended up spending three FREE days with them last week on the island of Mallorca, off the coast of Spain.  Apparently they flew there last Sunday, and flew back on Wednesday.

He says the trip was great . . . he "loved every minute of it". . . and that they're all good friends now. 


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