A Guy Is Trying to Crowdfund His $15,000 Ring

How do you feel about people crowdfunding or doing GoFundMe accounts?

I feel like people are decently tolerant, about their friends trying to raise money.  But when someone's crowdfunding effort switches from "vulnerable" to "greedy" . . . LOOK OUT.

And that seems to be what happened here.  A 30-year-old guy from Atlanta named William Oliver started a GoFundMe campaign last week to try to raise money to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend.  How much does he want?  $15,000.

And here's his justification.  Quote, "Money for the engagement is your chance to get involved.  I've heard everything from 'I love ya'll' to 'You need to put a ring on it.'" 

So, basically, he's saying that since people supported their relationship, he wants them to pitch in for an EXTRAVAGANT ring.

He says several times in his post that he needs to, quote, "get it trending."  And, hey, mission accomplished, because I'm talking about it right now, and so are tons of people on the Internet.

The only problem?  None of us are supporting the cause.  Even with ALL this publicity, he's raised less than $600.

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