Facebook Is Going to Let Your Friends Ask For $

Every once in a while, you'll see someone's GoFundMe campaign pop up on Facebook.  And maybe you toss them a few bucks, maybe you don't . . . but either way, it's not a choice you have to make that often.

Well . . . it looks like that's about to change.  Because now, people can set up campaigns to ask their friends for donations directly on Facebook.  

If you want to set one up, you can ask for donations in six different categories:  Education . . . medical . . . pet medical . . . crisis relief . . . personal emergencies . . . and funeral and loss.

So why is Facebook adding this feature?  Well, they SAY it's to set up a safe way to get money in times of need . . . but they're also taking a CUT.

They'll get 6.9% of whatever you collect, which they say goes toward, quote, "payment processing fees, fundraiser vetting, security, and fraud protection." 

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