Starbucks Is Adding the Secret "Medicine Ball"

It must be so irritating when you're a barista at Starbucks and people are constantly coming in, ordering imaginary "secret menu" drinks they saw on the Internet . . . and expecting you to know what they are.

And this is just going to ENCOURAGE people to keep doing it . . . because a secret menu drink just got so popular that Starbucks is officially adding it to the REAL menu.

It's called the Medicine Ball.  It's a venti cup with half steamed lemonade and half hot water, plus a jade citrus mint tea bag, a peach tranquility tea bag, honey, and a pump of peppermint.

In other words, it's a hot tea mash-up that, allegedly, makes you feel healthier and fights off colds.

Starbucks says they're adding it to the menu because it's become SO popular that some stores were making at least 20 of them a day.

So if you want one, you can just order a Medicine Ball and they'll know EXACTLY what it is. 

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