Our Egg Eating Habits

I remember when I was a kid the only way I'd eat eggs is if my mom put ketchup on them, apparently, I'm not the only one!

According to a new survey by Buzzfeed, 54% of people put ketchup on their eggs at least some of the time.  It's actually MORE common than putting hot sauce on 'em. 

Here are five more stats on our egg eating habits . . .

1.  39% of people say scrambled is the best way to eat eggs . . . 33% like them fried . . . 21% like them poached . . . and 7% like them hard boiled.

2.  As for what MEAT to pair them with, 63% say bacon is best . . . 25% say sausage . . . and ham and steak both got 6%.

3.  Almost two-thirds of people say eating egg whites only is gross.

4.  58% love deviled eggs.

5.  And 52% like egg salad. 

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