Marine Who Lost Both Legs Just Became A Cop

There's a 28-year-old Marine veteran in New York named Matias Ferreira, who lost both legs from the knee down in Afghanistan in 2011. 

He uses two titanium prosthetics to get around, and recently started looking into being a COP.

He didn't know if it was even possible, but a police academy in Long Island accepted him last year.  His only request was he didn't want any special treatment.  So he had to go through the exact same training as everyone else.

He says it wouldn't have been fair to the other trainees if he didn't have to do everything they did.  And he wouldn't have felt like he really earned it.

He spent around seven months in the program, and made history last Friday when he GRADUATED as the president of his class.

He'll be out on patrol starting this week.  We haven't seen this confirmed yet, but it looks like he's the first double amputee to EVER be a full-time, active-duty cop.

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