4-Year-Old Saves His Mom's Life With Siri

It's crazy how good kids are with technology. And one mom is ALIVE today because of it . . .

A woman in London had some sort of medical emergency this month, and lost consciousness.  No one was with her except her three kids.  The oldest one is four.

But when he realized something was wrong, he grabbed her iPhone . . . pressed his mom's thumb on the screen to unlock it . . . and called for help using Siri.

Emergency responders showed up about 13 minutes later and saved his mom's life.  It's not clear what was wrong.  But they say she wouldn't have made it if they hadn't gotten there so fast.

The cops posted audio from the phone call on YouTube.  They want people to make sure their kids know how to call for help if there's an emergency.  Especially if you have any medical conditions.

The four-year-old actually thought his mom was DEAD at first, but stayed really calm the whole time.  And the dispatcher did a great job. 

Here's the audio!

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