An Abused Dog Saved a Three-Year-Old's Life

I don't know about you, but I'm a dog lover!  I have a boston terrier, so that may be why I love this story so much, see what you think...

Last April, someone brought an abused dog into an animal shelter in northern Michigan that had two broken legs.  It still looks pretty young, so apparently it was still a puppy at that point.

Luckily it recovered, and the owners got arrested for animal cruelty.  Then another couple adopted it and named it Peanut.  So it's in good hands now.

But last Friday, it started barking like crazy and running around their house.  Which wasn't normal.  So the husband let it outside, and it bolted straight into a field next to their house.  Which was also weird, so he followed Peanut.

And it ended up leading him straight to a three-year-old girl who was lying in a ditch in the freezing cold without any CLOTHES on.

He says he wrapped her in his sweatshirt, got her inside, and called 911.  Luckily she's fine now, but couldn't tell the cops where she lived.  The only thing she said was the word "doggie."  So they started knocking on doors.

It turned out her parents live in the same neighborhood.  Apparently they weren't paying attention . . . didn't even know she was gone . . . and their place was filthy.  So Child Protective Services took custody of her, and her sister.

The good news is they didn't get split up.  They're staying together in a foster home for now. 

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