The Best & Worst Cities For Celebrating St. Pattys

St. Patrick's Day is on Friday, hopefully you'll be able to join us as we broadcast live from Dugout 54 on Bluemound! just released a list that ranked the 200 biggest cities in the country from the best to worst place to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

The rankings are based on factors like parades . . . parties . . . percentage of Irish people living there . . . Irish pubs and restaurants . . . beer prices . . . hotel prices . . . and weather.

The Top 10 BEST Cities are...

10. Cleveland, OH

9. Philadelphia, PA

8. Tampa, FL

7. Akron, OH

6. Pittsburgh, PA

5. Worcester, MA

4. Cedar Rapids, IA

3. Boston, MA

2. Our very own Madison, WI!

1. Buffalo, NY came out as the best St. Patrick's Day city in the United States!  

The worst city for celebrating St. Patrick's Day is...

10. Anaheim, CA

9. Grand Prairie, TX

8. Pamona, CA

7. Mesquite, TX

6. Oakland, CA

5. Lancaster, CA

4. Miramar, FL

3. San Bernardino, CA

2. Santa Ana, CA

1. Palmdale, CA is apparently the worst city for you to celebrate St. Patty's!

(Photo: Getty Images)

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