March Madness Will Cost Companies $2.1 Billion

March Madness starts tomorrow, and according to a staffing firm, it will cost businesses $2.1 billion in lost productivity!  But they say it MIGHT be worth it, since office pools can boost morale and camaraderie.

Here's some other March Madness randomness...

1.  The average entry fee is $22.44.  So you'll probably want to make yours either $20 or $25.

2.  You'll get about 41% of your coworkers to enter.

 3.  Men are more likely to participate than women.

4.  Make sure there's a good prize.  75% of people say they'd be motivated to participate in an office pool if there was a chance to win money.

The survey also found 76% of people will check March Madness scores during work hours . . . and 53% will stream some games on their computers during work. 

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