10 Things To Know About Our New Co-Host Binky Lee

1. Yes, my name is BINKY. It's even tattooed on my foot!

2. I'm a natural redhead that suffers from all of the typical Ginger problems. (SPF 100 is my best friend.)

3. I was born and raised in North Dakota...Yes, people REALLY live there.

4. I'm a shopaholic with a serious weakness for shoes and big earrings.

5. My favorite TV show is Law & Order: SVU. If you can't get a hold of me on Sundays, chances are that I'm in bed watching re-runs. (And I may or may not be hungover as well.)

6. I LOVE Beyoncé.

7. I absolutely despise driving. If you're an Uber driver in Milwaukee, you might me meet me soon.

8. I'm the oldest of three girls, although everyone always thinks I'm the baby of the family.

9. I enjoy traveling (when my bank account allows it), especially to destinations with warmer climates.

10. I'm so excited to for this new adventure in Milwaukee!

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