How A Desperate Dad Was Rescued By A Stranger

It's not clear where this happened.  But a guy was flying with his two-year-old daughter recently, and didn't have a ticket for her.

When he booked his flight a few months ago, she hadn't turned two yet.  So he thought she could sit on his lap, and didn't need her own seat.

But she turned two in January.  And when he got to the airport, they told him she DID need a ticket . . . which cost $750, because it was so last minute.

He knew he couldn't afford to buy the ticket OR rebook the flight.  So he got pretty emotional, and stepped out of line to make a few calls.

But then a complete STRANGER stepped up to help.

A woman in line behind him heard the whole thing.  She walked up to him, and they started talking.  Then she went back to the counter, and said SHE wanted to pay for it.

She hasn't come forward, so we don't know her name.  But a photo of her paying for the ticket started trending on Facebook yesterday.

He tried to get her contact information to pay her back.  But she just hugged him and said don't worry about it. 


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