Bravo's New "Stripped" Reality Show

Bravo has a new reality show on the way called "Stripped".  

It's a "social experiment" based on a Danish show, where contestants give up ALL their possessions for 21 days, including cell phones and their UNDERWEAR.

So, the show starts with all of them naked . . . with their naughty bits blurred of course . . . and all they're given is toilet paper, water, and food rations.  Their stuff is placed in a mobile storage container about a half-mile away from their home.  And every day, they can retrieve ONE item, so they have to choose carefully.

And they can't just sit around at home curled up in a ball.  They're expected to go into "survival mode," and figure out a way to go to work, maintain their families, and keep up with social circles.  It premieres this summer.

Here's a preview!

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