Super Bowl Winners Pay More in Taxes Than We Make

A lot of things come with winning the Super Bowl.  The team receives The Vince Lombardi Trophy . . . and each player not only gets bragging rights, they can also say that they're a CHAMPION.

And for Tom Brady, he gets to stick it to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

There's also a FINANCIAL INCENTIVE . . . after all, going to Disney World isn't cheap.  Every player on the New England Patriots got a bonus of $107,000 . . . from Brady down to the third-string rookies.

And they each got a ring worth an estimated $30,000.

But there's a catch . . . all of that stuff is taxable based on the player's income bracket.  And most players are in the highest one, which is now at 39.6%. That means they paid roughly $54,252 each in taxes on those winnings.

That's more than a lot of Americans make in a whole year.  According to the Census Bureau, the median household earns about $52,000.  The average salary for an NFL player is $1.9 million.

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