Ryan Reynolds Shows Off His Rear

Here ya go ladies!

RYAN REYNOLDS bares his butt in a new teaser for "Deadpool 2".  It's behind foggy glass, but hey, SOME Ryan Reynolds butt is better than NO Ryan Reynolds butt.

It's long for a teaser . . . more than three and a half minutes.  But it doesn't contain any actual footage from the movie.  It's a little skit where Deadpool INTENDS to stop a crime, but he takes too long changing in a phone booth.

It even includes the old "Superman" movie music and a cameo by STAN LEE.  And at the end, for no particular reason, a comedic summary of ERNEST HEMINGWAY's "The Old Man and the Sea" scrolls by.

(WARNING!!!  The teaser contains UNCENSORED PROFANITY.  The buttocks come out at 1:07.)

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