Movies That People Think Should be Remade

What a movie that you'd like to see be remade?

Buzzfeed asked their readers what movies SHOULD be remade, and why. 

Here are some highlights:

"Breakfast at Tiffany's". . . to fix some of the changes they made from the original book, and to have a REAL Asian actor play Mr. Yunioshi, rather than MICKEY ROONEY in "yellowface".

"The People Under the Stairs". . . Because it deals with issues that are still relevant:  Race, class, and "how greed brings out the worst in people."

"Little Shop of Horrors". . . Just so NEIL PATRICK HARRIS could play Seymour.

"The Outsiders". . . Because kids are still reading the book, but probably don't even know who the actors in the movie are anymore.

"The Breakfast Club". . . So they could add discussions on race, gender, and LGBT issues.


(Photo: Getty Images)

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