What His UPS Coworkers Did That Made Him Cry

Every morning I like to share good stories with you like this!  For the past year-and-a-half, a 19-year-old kid named Derrick Taylor has been working at a UPS center in Oxford, Alabama.

He makes about $12 an hour loading and unloading trucks at four in the morning.  And most of that money goes to help his mom, who has health issues.  He's been working since he was 14 to help pay her bills.

He lives about five miles from work though, and he's never been able to buy a car.  So he's always just walked.  His coworkers have given him rides, but he's never asked for one, because he's too proud.

So last week, they all pooled their money . . . ended up with about $1,500 . . . and bought him a JEEP.  A video of them surprising him is racking up tons of hits on Facebook.  (Here's the video.  He gets the keys at -3:07.)

They paid $1,100 for it, and also gave him a huge wad of cash to help with insurance and other stuff.  Obviously it's a used Jeep, but it looks like it's in pretty good shape.

In the video, he starts crying when they give him the keys, and says it'll make a huge difference in his life. 

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