One in Eight People Don't Have Any Good Friends

The word FRIENDS has changed, mostly because of Facebook, what you say you have any "good friends"?

Here are some stats from a new survey proving that even in our super-connected world, we're not exactly becoming BETTER at being social . . .

1.  One out of eight people say they don't have ANY good friends.  Two years ago, it was only one in 10 people.

2.  18% of people have two close friends . . . 18% have three . . . and 6% say they have more than 10.

3.  45% of people feel lonely at least some of the time.  And more than a third of those people say they feel lonely pretty much all the time.

4.  17% of people say they rarely or never feel LOVED.

5.  And finally, people who don't have any close friends are 250% more likely to say they feel sad or depressed almost all of the time.  Have a great day! 

(Photo: Getty Images)

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