AT&T Recovers Last Voicemail From Her Late Husband

There's a woman in Houston named Debora Taylor, who lost her husband Hank to lung cancer in 2015.  (It's not clear how old she is)

And when she got a new phone last month, she lost the last voicemail he ever left her.

It was a quick message where he said he wasn't sure what time he'd be home, and that he loved her.  The kind of thing you leave a hundred times.  But it reminded her of how happy they were, and she liked listening to it whenever she missed him.

So she was pretty devastated when she realized she lost it last month, and thought it was gone forever.

But one of her friends got in touch with a local news station in Houston about a week ago.  Then they got in touch with someone at AT&T's corporate office, who realized the voicemail WASN'T gone for good.

They managed to track it down, and there's a news report where Debora starts crying when she hears it again. 

By the way, she's ALSO been fighting cancer.  We don't know if she was diagnosed before or after Hank.  But the best news is, she's now in remission. 

Here's the News report!

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