You Can Guess This Just By Looking At Someone

Believe it or not, you're semi-PSYCHIC when it comes to figuring out people's names.  Which makes it even worse that you're SO bad at remembering them.

A new study found that we can actually guess about one out of every four people's names JUST by looking at them. 

In the study, researchers showed participants a picture of a person's face and a list of four or five names.  And they were able to correctly match the name to the face 25% to 40% of the time.  If they were just guessing at random they should have only been correct 20% to 25% of the time.

The researchers think it's because names have subtle stereotypes, like, quote, "[We] imagine a person named Bob to have a rounder face than a person named Tim."  And over time, people wind up letting those stereotypes influence their appearance. 

(Photo: Getty Images)

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