Inside The Oscars Envelopegate!

The "Oscars" were an agonizing three hours and 45 minutes long . . . and the only truly interesting part happened at around the three hour and 42 minute mark.

If you haven't already heard, it was when WARREN BEATTY and FAYE DUNAWAY announced the winner for Best Picture.  The WRONG winner!  They said it was "La La Land", and everybody came up and started giving their speeches.

But then the accountants who tally the votes came out to let everybody know that "Moonlight" had actually won.  It turns out Warren and Faye were handed the wrong envelope.

They were given the one for the PREVIOUS award, Best Actress.  And it said EMMA STONE, for "La La Land".  You could tell they were confused, but Faye read "La La Land" because it was on the card.

JIMMY KIMMEL made a STEVE HARVEY joke, then Warren got back on the microphone to explain what happened. 

Then Jimmy ended the show with this, quote, "I knew I would screw this show up, I really did.  Thank you for watching . . . I promise I'll never come back. Good night!"

La La Land" did get SIX awards, out of its 14 nominations, including Emma's win . . . and Best Director for Damien Chazelle.  At 32, he's the youngest Best Director winner in Oscar history.

"Moonlight" also won Best Supporting Actor for MAHERSHALA ALI, and Best Adapted Screenplay.  With his win, Mahershala became the first Muslim actor to take home an Oscar.

VIOLA DAVIS won Best Supporting Actress for "Fences", and CASEY AFFLECK won Best Actor for "Manchester by the Sea".

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" won Best Costume Design, bringing the "Harry Potter" universe its FIRST Oscar.

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