Most People Wouldn't Want To Look Into The Future

If you had the chance to see into the future, would you take it?  

I would've guessed most people would say "yes."  Turns out that's TOTALLY wrong!

According to a new survey, only 1% of people say they would want the ability to look into their future and see everything that happens to them . . . including when and how they die.

A little less than half of people say they'd be willing to look into the future if they could only see the POSITIVE things that would happen.

But the majority of people don't want ANY spoilers.  

The researchers found people didn't even want to know fairly trivial things in advance, like if their favorite team will win a game or what they're getting for Christmas.

There's only one thing that the majority of people say they DO want to know in advance . . . the sex of their unborn child. 

(Photo: Getty Images)

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