My 10 Thoughts on the 2017 Grammy's

When a show is over THREE AND A HALF HOURS, I assume you missed some stuff, so I'm gonna try to get you caught up on last nights Grammy's with 10 thoughts!

10. I'm a NEW fan of Chance the Rapper!  He won a few awards including Best New Artist, wore some hats with 3 on them that I want, performed awesome, and was a gracious winner!

9. Even though Justin Bieber joined Kanye & Drake in boycotting the show (for whatever reason) people might not have noticed because Bieber and Halsey look like twins!  

8. Turn Metallica's mic on!  They did a duet with Lady Gaga, and instead of going back and forth between James and Gaga, we just heard her, and saw his mouth moving.  

7. Those were some random choices for the Bee Gees Tribute!  Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly, Little Big Town, and Andra Day all collaborated on stage to do a melody of Bee Gees songs.  It wasn't terrible, I just couldn't help but to think, "I wonder why the Grammy's chose these artists to do this?"

6. James Corden (best known for his Carpool Karaoke) did a great job!  I thought he was pretty funny, and did what you want a host to do... speak clear, be fun, keep the show movin!

5. Speaking of, at one point of the show James had a card board cut out of a car, and did a quick "Carpool Karaoke Skit" pulling in Keith Urban, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, John Legend, Jason Derulo and Neil Diamond to sing his song "Sweet Caroline".  Surprisingly, Faith and John didn't seem to have a clue what the words were to one of the most legendary sing-a-long songs of all time!

4. Twenty One Pilots dropped their pants!  Basically, the guys got up to accept their award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group and took their pants off, and told about how they were watching the Grammy's years ago in their underwear in never imagined being there, let alone winning so they wanted to inspire the next people (in their underwear), I thought it was an awesome acceptance speech!

3. Beyonce!  She came into the show with NINE nominations, but only won a couple.  (Good thing Kanye wasn't there to go off again)  Most of the artists spent the lead up and show GUSHING over her... honestly the the point that it was like, "Okay, she's not the only woman to have babies!"  Then came her performance, it was a lot of special "trippy" visual effects.  I'm sure it would have made more sense if I were on something!

2. The Prince Tribute!  As a big fan of Prince, I was super skeptical of another tribute, but this one was on point!  It started with Morris Day and the Time performing (just like the movie Purple Rain), then it went into Bruno Mars doing "Let's Go Crazy", and he seriously killed it!  Great choice and great job Bruno!

1. Adele!  She stole the show in many ways last night!  She won all five awards she was up for, and became the only artist to sweep the Album, Record, and Song categories TWICE!  She also kicked off the night, then came back with a tribute to the late George Michael, doing her take on his song "Fast Love".  Realizing she was in the wrong key, swore, then apologized, and asked for them to start everything over, showing reverence for George and wanting to get it right.  Honestly, I thought both takes sounded the same (great), but that took guts so Adele definitely deserves to be #1 on this list!  

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