What an 8-Year-Old Did for an Elderly Couple

An 8-year-old girl named Mylie Brothers was at a pizza place with her parents last week in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 

And she noticed an elderly couple having trouble getting out of their car.  The husband had to help his wife out of her seat, and then walk her into the restaurant.

Then when they went to sit down, the wife FELL.  Apparently she was okay.  But Mylie felt bad and wanted to do something nice for them.

So she asked her parents if SHE could pay for their food.

She used her own money . . . wrote them a note that said, "Hope you have a nice dinner" . . . and left it with their waitress, so it would be a surprise.  Apparently she didn't even stick around to take credit for it.

She made the news though, so NOW she's getting credit for it.  Her mom says they've really tried to teach her to be kind and have good values.  So it was a very proud moment for them. 

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