The Best Pizza In America

Who's your FAVORITE pizza place?

Today is National Pizza Day!

According to a new survey by "Travel and Leisure", Phoenix is the city with America's FAVORITE PIZZA... yeah I said Phoenix.

"Travel and Leisurewrote that Phoenix, quote, "offers a slice for every pizza preference . . . classic thin crusts, award-winning margheritas, gourmet Neapolitan, wood-fired pies, traditional deep dishes, and drive-thru pizza by the slice."

Here's their Top 10 Best Pizza Cities List...

10. Knoxville, Tennessee (Hard Knox Pizzeria, Seargent Pepperoni’s or The Tomato Head)

9. Philadelphia (Pizza Brain, Nomad Pizza, WM. Mulherin’s Sons, Charlie’s)

8. Wilmington, North Carolina (I Love NY, Brooklyn Pizza Co, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza)

7. Madison, Wisconsin (Pizza Bruta, Ian’s, Glass Nickel)

6. New York City (Artichoke Basille’s, Emmy SquaredRoberta’s, Grimaldi’s)

5. Providence, Rhode Island (Bacaro, Al Forno, LaSalle BakeryCaserta)

4. Chicago (Bartoli’s, Lou Malnati’sCoalfire)

3. Buffalo, New York (T+L editor's favorite spot in Buffalo, Just Pizza & Wing Co., Romeo & Juliet’s Café)

2. Detroit, Michigan (Buddy’s)

1. Phoenix, Arizona (Pizzeria Bianco, Oregano’s, Cibo Urban Pizzeria, La Piazza Al Forno, Spinato's

(Photo: Getty Images)

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